Wynwood Just Got A Little More Vibrant

the gateway at wynwood_mural 3As the The Gateway at Wynwood building nears completion, the long-awaited exterior garage cladding, which depicts a vibrant mural, has been fully installed just in time for Art Basel next month. Additionally, the rooftop deck has been completed and signage is going up around the building.

The Class A office building, developed by R&B Realty Group and designed by renowned Miami architect Kobi Karp, has helped turn Wynwood into a mini-city.

The office building, which found inspiration in Wynwood’s innovative spirit and modern vibe, will allow Wynwood’s new residents to walk to their offices and shops without having to get in their cars. Wynwood, which used to be home to neglected warehouses, is seeing a construction boom of condos and apartments and, now, office buildings as well.

The Gateway at Wynwood offers about 195,000 square feet of leasable Class A office space and nearly 25,900 square feet of prime street-level retail space at the intersection of Wynwood and Midtown. This summer, R&B Realty Group announced the building’s first office lease signed with biotech company Veru Inc. The eight-year, 12,155-square-foot lease will serve as the company’s global headquarters and triple Veru’s current office space.


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