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3 things to keep in mind when looking for office Space

Choosing the right office space for your company isn’t something that you do every day, and you’re bound to be thankful for that. However , the process of finding the perfect place and negotiating a lease doesn’t necessarily have to be complicated and lengthy, if you take into consideration these three advises:

Think ahead in the future

That office space is perfect for your needs right now. But will it be in a year? How about in 5? It’s important to consider your potential future needs as well as your current ones when you’re considering your options. Look for a place that gives you some room for additional employees to future. Proof your space for growth and even think about what opportunities the space or building provides for adding amenities. Also, take your technological needs into consideration. How easy will it be to upgrade your systems or adopt new technologies in that prospective space?

Think about your team

The wrong layout inside of your office space can lead to unhappy employees and a loss of productivity and efficiency. Consult your management team or all of your employees if you’re a smaller company. Solicit feedback regarding what type of layout they’d like to see in your new space and why it would be beneficial to accomplishing your organizational goals. Then, use the input as a guide when you’re comparing available office spaces.

Take the context into account

You may also want to consider what facilities are available outside your office building, you can’t be sure that you’ve found the perfect site. In a perfect world, every office space would come with a parking area that is the ideal ratio for its size, but that’s often not the case. You don’t want your team to arrive on the first day and find out there is absolutely no room in the lot to fit their cars. If you’re sharing a building with other companies, specifically ask what the available parking spaces are and estimate how many of your employees commute to work by car before you settle on a space.

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