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Survey: Patients Strongly Prefer Off-Campus Healthcare Experiences

In an effort to uncover critical insights into patient behavior and serve as thought leaders within the healthcare real estate industry, Physicians Realty Trust (the “Company”) commissioned an independent survey in five of the Company’s largest markets to better understand consumer perceptions of healthcare facility safety within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

CVR and Carmichael & Company, healthcare consultants based in Indianapolis, conducted the panel-based survey for the Company, surveying the AtlantaDallasLouisvilleMinneapolis, and Phoenix markets. A total of 2,018 respondents were surveyed, resulting in an average margin of error of 2.19% across the five markets.

Strong Consumer Preference for Off-Campus Medical Facilities

The research revealed that when seeking medical treatment, the overwhelming majority of respondents prefer to receive care in an off-campus medical facility located a mile or more from a hospital campus. Based on survey results, this trend is likely to continue for the foreseeable future due to COVID-19, especially given concerns regarding a possible resurgence of the virus later this year.

“The findings affirm our long-term observations in consumer attitudes and validate the Company’s continued investment strategy targeting off-campus medical office buildings,” said John T. Thomas, President and CEO of Physicians Realty Trust. “As thought leaders in the healthcare industry, we commissioned this research to advance our understanding of COVID-19’s impact on our business, as well as provide insight and guidance to our healthcare partners.”

In the report, respondents also provided insights on enhanced safety and hygiene protocols, spokesperson preferences for COVID-19 communication, and other shifting perceptions of healthcare highlighted by the pandemic.

“For many years, consumers and physicians have been seeking services at locations convenient to them and their homes, often away from hospital campuses,” Thomas added. “This study verifies that especially in light of COVID-19 safety and cleanliness concerns, consumers strongly prefer medical office facilities located away from the hospital campus.”

The Company is sharing these findings with its healthcare partners and stakeholders to increase awareness and better understand healthcare consumers’ decisions.

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Source: PRNewswire

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